St Peters original premium real life escape room game experience! Located in a prime spot, up to 6 players will be challenged in this new attraction by working together to find clues, solve puzzles, and unlock locks that will free them from the game room.


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Wednesdays 25% off

Every Wednesday, 25% Off per person!

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Trivia Night

Free event! Enjoy trivia games every 15 minutes. Winners of each round will receive a $5 Game Card! Also enjoy special pricing on adult beverages at the Hide Away Lounge.

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Happy Hour

Enjoy 50% off select appetizers and $4 well drinks & draft beers every Wednesday & Thursday evening at our Hide Away Lounge.


Offering 5 different themes with varying difficulty levels.

escape room Escape Room in St. Peters Antidote


Dr. Walter Brandt is a high-ranking chemical weapons specialist for the United States government, part of a secret department that is only identified by a series of mysterious numbers and letters. He is developing powerful viruses capable of eradicating enemy forces with swift pace and deadly accuracy. Foreign powers take note of Dr. Brandt’s work and recriuit him to develop a powerful virus capable of killing their enemies in hours. He has gone rogue and has become a threat to the US and potentially the entire human race.

escape room Escape Room in St. Peters Arizona Shootout


It’s 2:55 in the afternoon, you, Wyatt Earp, and three other marshals are sitting inside the O.K. Corral Saloon discussing the latest series of crimes that are blamed on the local cowboy outlaws. This group of outlaws are known for their violent criminal history. You and the other lawmans have had several previous confrontations with this group. While, you, your brothers Virgil and Morgan, and your best friend Doc Holliday are devising a plan to round up the cowboy outlaws, the townspeople start screaming. Immediately, you all know something bad is about to happen.

escape room Escape Room in St. Peters The Code

TH3 C0D3

“Nitr0,” heard the name? If you haven’t, you’re about to learn. In fact, all of America might soon find it plastered across their TV screens. Nitr0 is the world’s greatest hacker, he’s successfully completed over 300 cyber crimes, yet the FBI doesn’t have any leads to his identity. Early this morning a video was received at FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C. Nitr0 informed the Bureau of his plan to release a virus that will drain 100 million United States bank accounts of over $75 billion. You are FBI Agent Alex Vargas, a fresh face in the Cyber Crime Unit. Fueled by optimism and a need for success, you determine that taking down Nitr0 would be the best way climb the ladder to the top. You’ve received an anonymous lead, apparently Nitr0 has been tracked to an apartment in Cambridge. It’s a long shot, but it’s the only thing you’ve got.

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Onboard the famous trans-European Budapest Express, you are with Karine Peaufiner, a famous French detective from Paris. You are traveling to Budapest to meet with other detectives showcasing the latest developments in crime scene forensics. It is nighttime and you are passing slowly through the heart of Europe during a heavy snowstorm. You are reviewing case notes in your cabin with Karine and your colleagues. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, it is the train manager. He looks worried and asks you to come quickly to the First Class dining coach.

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